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Deltec Aqua Crown

Aqua Crown is an innovative product line for the treatment of the aquarium water from Deltec.
Hy Carb.jpg
Hy Carb Special.jpg
Hy CarbSpecial

Aqua Crown Hy Carb Special is used to enrich the calcium and magnesium concentration in seawater aquariums. It is intended to be used in Deltec Fluidised Bed Calcium Reactors.

Hy mag.jpg
Hy Mag

Aqua Crown Hy Mag is pure magnesium granulate.  It is intended to be added to normal calcium media, automatically providing the seawater with magnesium.

Phosphate Absorber

High performance absorber for fresh and seawater with a long term effect. Very high adsorption capacity; guaranteed not to give off undesirable substances into the aquarium water.

Special carbon.jpg
Special Carbon

Aqua Crown Special Carbon consists of high-performance anthracite base activated carbon and a phosphate absorber. It has an excellent binding capability thanks to its highly effective 1000m²/g surface.

Kalkwasser powder

Because of its high level of purity AC Kalkwasser Powder is ideal for making Kalkwasser.
Kalkwasser. Kalkwasser binds phosphates and promotes the growth of corals, mussels and Peyssonnelia

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