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Jecod AU UV Clarifier

Jecod UV sterilizer 18 Watt.jpg

The Jecod AU UV Clarifier is used to kill float algae, bacteria and parasites which results in clearer waters.

Killing parasites in a tropical marine aquarium with sensitive fish is essential since parasites can cause a lot of stress. Using a UV sterilizer reduces the chance of parasites spreading in the aquarium and helps fight the parasites​ when they found a way in to your tank.
  • UVC light results in clearer waters which are free of float algae

  • Eliminates pathogenes and ill-favored bacteria and parasites using UVC light

  • Easy to mount product which can be combined with all other filter equipment available on the market today.​​

  • Available in:

    • 7 Watts​

    • 9 Watts

    • 11 Watts

    • 18 Watts

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