Jecod AU UV Clarifier

The Jecod AU UV Clarifier is used to kill float algae, bacteria and parasites which results in clearer waters.

Killing parasites in a tropical marine aquarium with sensitive fish is essential since parasites can cause a lot of stress. Using a UV sterilizer reduces the chance of parasites spreading in the aquarium and helps fight the parasites​ when they found a way in to your tank.
  • UVC light results in clearer waters which are free of float algae

  • Eliminates pathogenes and ill-favored bacteria and parasites using UVC light

  • Easy to mount product which can be combined with all other filter equipment available on the market today.​​

  • Available in:

    • 7 Watts​

    • 9 Watts

    • 11 Watts

    • 18 Watts

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