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Jecod DCS 1200

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Jecod Jebao DCS Series

The Jecod DCS-series are a very powerful and reliable selection of return pumps. The DCS pumps are very energy efficient when compared to other equally performing return pumps; on average the DCS pumps use 50% less energy. The DCS pumps come with a controller to enable a great flow-rate adjustment. With the shock absorbing technology of Jecod, the DCS pumps run extremely silent.

The DCS-series is the successor of the very successful DCT and DC series. The DCS pumps are an amazing improvement upon the already proven DCT and DC pumps, which ensures you of an amazing and reliable investment in your aquarium water management system.

Flow and head chart for DCS pumps

Head in this case states the maximum height the pump can push the water

Jebao Jecod DCS 2000 3000 4000 5000 7000 9000 12000 pump
Power (W)
Flow (l/h)
Max head

Nozzles that come with the DCS pumps

The included nozzles are at the right diameter for safe use with the particular DCS type they are included with.

Jecod Jebao DCS Nozzles
DCS-7000 ~DCS-12000
DCS-3000 & DCS-4000
DCS pump with a nozzle installed

Installation video DCS-12000

Applicable to other DCS models as well


Jecod DCS-1200

The Jecod DCS-1200 is the smallest of the DCS series, yet its quality is not different from its bigger brothers. The DCS-1200 is applicable in every type and size of aquarium, as long as you can submerge the pump during operation. This small pump is good to use in combination with protein skimmers and calcium reactors.

  • High performance motor, energy efficient

  • Ultra quiet operation due to shock absorbing technology

  • Dry-operating prevention safety

  • Motor protection when rotor is blocked

  • No copper elements

  • Soft-start operation

  • 10 minute feeding mode available

  • Ceramic drive shaft to minimize wear and maximize lifetime

  • Controller saves your settings, even after a power outage!

  • Power usage: 12 Watts

  • Input Voltage: 24V

  • Flow rate: 900(75%) - 1200(100%) ltr/hr

  • 8 flow rate settings available

  • Max head: 1.4 meters

  • Dimensions (L x B x H): 90 x 56 x 82 mm

  • Package Dimensions: 215 x 175 x 135 mm

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