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With the DSR Method it is possible to establish a stable and controlled reef environment. It’s an all-in-one reef aquarium maintenance solution. The costs of running the DSR method are a fraction of reef salt needed for regular water changes. You learn to understand the way things work and you get more control of the biochemical processes in your reef aquarium.

Below you will find all components for EZ-DSR.  To learn more about Full DSR, click here.


  • Most cost-effective All-in-One maintenance method developed for large and XL reeftanks.

  • The next level in reefing, without the inconvenience of weekly waterchanges.

  • Independent, precise and scientific based dosing, resulting in total control of essential water parameters.

  • Proven method showing excellent results.

  • Own DSR support forum and state of the art DSR calculator which makes dosing very easy.

  • Reliable dosing & monitoring of 12 core elements using hobby test kits.

  • Approach with a fast learning curve to become a reefmaster.

  • High succes rate for advanced reef aquarists and newbees.

  • Open method which relies on trust and open communication to improve DSR even further.

  • Ability to make high quality reefsalt to your own specifications for major and emergency corrections.

D_D H2Ocean Dosing Pump DDP4 2 800px.png


EZ-DSR is optimized for aquarium supplement automation through dosing pumps! Since we have a few of them on our website, check them out! The newest dosing pump that we have added is the H2Ocean dosing pumps by D&D.


DSR EZ-Buffer

instant KH and PH solution for auto dosing unit.

Raise Alk and PH. Dosing at 5:1 ratio to EZ calcium
Concentration: 16,7ml / 100 liter = 1dKH raise
Daily start dosing: 4ml / 100 liter.

Available package: 1000ml - 5000ml - 10000ml


DSR EZ-Calcium

Instant calcium solution for auto dosing unit

Raise calcium, raise strontium in a balanced way, extra pure products, no heavy metals, optimal concentrate, no percipitation, dosing at 1:5 ratio to EZ Buffer
Concentration: 0,578ml / 100 liter = 1ppm raise
Daily start dosing: 0,8ml / 100 liter.

Available package: 500ml - 1000ml - 5000ml - 10000ml


DSR EZ-Carbon

Instant nutrients control solution suitable for auto dosing units

Transparant bottle to keep track of liquid level. Removes NO3 and PO4. Instant food for healthy bacteria population.
Daily start dosing: 1ml / 100 liter (use dosing table on package)

if PO4<0,02ppm use CarbonVS & PO4+


Available package: 500ml - 1000ml - 5000ml - 10000ml

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