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DvH Reef Pearls

DvH Reef Pearls

ReefPearls are the food pellets for filterfeeders, fish and corals. These pellets are being produced using a unique technique which utilizes agglomerations of microcapsules.


During the manufacturing of the ReefPears, micro bubbles of nitrogen are captured inside the pellets to get a neutral buoyancy. This results in the effect of pellets that remain floating through the water for a longer period of time, so the filter feeders do have the time to take in the ReefPearls. The ReefPears will not lose any of their ingredients after being added to the water, which will not disturb the protein skimmer in its skimming process.


The ReefPearls can easily be dosed using feeder machines. This is a great way to ensure energy-rich inhabitants (such as the anthias) to have a regular supply of energy.


Yet the ReefPearls need some time to break through the water surface. We thus advice the use of a system which will prevent the pearls to drip away through the overflow.

Available in volumes of: 80 gr | 120 gr

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