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Deltec UVC 10

Deltec​ UV Filters / Sterilizers

Here you will find all Deltec UV Filters with specifications, user manuals and other useful details.
What are UV Filters?
Here you will find all Deltec UV filters. UV filters are mostly used to sterilize the water, to reduce growth rate of algae and to avoid unwanted parasites from duplicating themselves. Deltec offers UV filters from 10 watts to 320 watts.
Type 101 - Type 804
Clear water with Delec UV filters
Deltec Type 101 - 804

A UV Sterilizer is the easiest and most fish & coral friendly way to put a stop to paracites or fast growing algae.

Manuals for UV Filter:

  • Type 101 - Type 804

Type 101 - Type 804

Deltec UV filter type 101 - 804
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