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Deltec NFP616

Deltec​ Nitrate Filters

Here you will find all Deltec Nitrate Filters with specifications, user manuals and other useful details.
What is a Nitrate Filter?
A Nitrate filter, filters nitrate. Nitrate is the final waste product of nitrite, and must be monitored and kept at a low level since it is very poisonous for the inhabitants of the aquarium. Nitrate Filters use anaerobic bacteria to remove nitrate from the water, which means that the nitrate filters utilize a naturally occurring effect.
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Deltec NF & NFP-series

The Deltec NF and NFP-series Nitrate filters, filter out nitrate using a natural process.

Manuals for Nitrate Filters:


NFP 509 - NFP 1020


NF 509 - NF 1020


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