Delec KM 500S

Deltec​ Kalkwasser Mixer

Here you will find all Deltec Kalkwasser Mixers with specifications, user manuals and other useful details.
What are Kalkwasser Mixers?
Kalkwasser or Limewater is a very important additive to marine aquariums: It enables corals to grow. A Kalkwasser Mixer ensures an evenly distributed limewater addition, to avoid pH shocks due to the addition of a too high concentration of limewater. Kalkwasser Mixers keep the limewater liquid, and avoids solidification of the calcium. A must have for every marine aquarium it is indeed.
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Deltec KM500S

Deltec KM500S

Deltec KM 500

Deltec KM 500

Deltec KM 500s, KM 800, KM 500

Deltec KM 500s, KM 800, KM 500

Deltec KM-series

The Deltec KM series Kalkwasser stirrers work by keeping the kalkwasser in motion.
Optionally the PF Kalkwasser stirrers are equipped with a magnet valve for the adjustment of CO2 supply.

Manuals for Kalkwasser Mixers:


KM 500 - KM 800

Deltec Kalkwsser Mixer Specifications

Kalkwasser Powder

Kalkwasser powder

Because of its high level of purity AC Kalkwasser Powder is ideal for making Kalkwasser.
Kalkwasser. Kalkwasser binds phosphates and promotes the growth of corals, mussels and Peyssonnelia