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Deltec FR509

Deltec​ Fluidized Bed Filter

Here you will find all Deltec Fluidized Bed FIlters with specifications, user manuals and other useful details.
What are Fluidized Bed FIlters?
A Fluidized Bed Filter is the basis for a healthy bacteria culture. These bacteria process toxic and unwanted waste products from your fish and corals. The fluidized bed filter is a very useful additive to your aquarium filter system, and will help you stabilize your aquarium very effectively.
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FR509 - FR1020
Deltec FR509

Deltec FR509

Deltec FR616

Deltec FR616

Deltec FR-series

The Deltec FR series fluidized bed filters keep the filtermedia in perpetual free fall. This results in an immense effective filter area, since the particles will this way be seperated from each other.

Manuals for Fluidizde Bed Filter:

FR 509 - FR 1020

Deltec KM 50 to KM 800 specifications
Deltec Spare Parts
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