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Deltec External Skimmer

Deltec​ External Skimmers

Here you will find all Deltec External Skimmers with specifications, user manuals and other useful details.
What are external skimmers?
External skimmers do not have to be submerged to operate: The water will be pumped into the skimmer by an external pump. The new external skimmers from Deltec are functioning because of the patented double-chamber system, which enables the highest possible volumes of air and water to pass through the skimmer.

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The Deltec TC-series protein skimmers are compact and effective. The TC series is an extrernal skimmer which requires an external pump to be added, to get water from the sump into the skimmer unit itself.

Manuals for external skimmers:

Deltec TC-series

TC 1000ix - 2000ix

TC 3000i - 6000ix

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