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Deltec Eco Cooler  M

Deltec​ Eco-Cooler

Here you will find all Deltec Eco-Coolers with specifications, user manuals and other useful details.
What is an Eco-cooler?
Eco-coolers utilize the effect of cooling through the vaporation of water, which results in a high energy-efficiency cooler. The Eco-Coolers from Deltec can be used as a replacement for standard spray-heads.
Eco Cooler S - L
Eco-cooler S+L

Eco-cooler S+L

Eco-Cooler M

Eco-Cooler M

Deltec Eco-cooler series

Once again, Deltec have shown the way to reducing water temperature economically in the modern salt and fresh water aquarium.

The need of water movement and light to keep salt water invertebrates and fish requires pumps and lights creating heat in the water column which is not healthy for a stable aquarium environment and leads to coral bleaching and stressed fish.


Economical and Environmentally Friendly.

The ECO cooler is environmentally friendly and economical and can be used for both salt and fresh water aquariums. The principle of the ECO cooler borrows its technology from water cooling towers used in industrial applications. Water from the aquarium is forced to evaporate which draws latent heat from the water thus cooling it down.

Eco coolers are incredibly cheap to run and are much quieter than a refrigerant cooler.

For example - to achieve 950 watts of cooling.

  • Refrigerant - 570 watts of electricity.

  • Eco- cooler - 44 watts of electricity.

It is also possible to use the ECO cooler in conjunction with a refrigerant cooler, therefore reducing the size of the electricity bill substantially and being secure in the knowledge that even on the very hottest days of summer that your system will stay cool.

Eco-Cooler 320 - Eco Cooler 420

Deltec ECO coler specifications
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