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Deltec E-Flow 10 pump

Deltec​ E-Flow Pump

Here you will find all Deltec E-flow pumps with specifications, user manuals and other useful details.
What are the E-flow pumps used for?
The E-flow pumps can be used for external skimmers, as return pumps or for any other comparable task. These pumps are very reliable, and come with several safety features such as run-dry protection and setting-recovery after power loss.
E-flow features
  • Highly efficient pump

  • Safety due low voltage operation

  • Nearly whisper quiet operation due sine wave technology

  • Suitable for freshwater and seawater

  • Submersible

  • Low power consumption due performance control

  • Adjustable in 13 steps

  • 10V Interface

Deltec E-flow series

Deltec E-Flow aquarium pumps have been successfully established on the market for many years. In the course of the product progression, the E-Flow 10, E-Flow 12 and E-Flow R3 are now also offered as a 24 V DC pump. The pumps are controlled with the Deltec E2 controller. This allows the pumps to be adjusted in 10 watt steps from 0 to 130 watts. Sine wave technology allows whisper-quiet operations. The controller comes with a 0-10 V interface.


The E-box is a multi functional controller for the E-flow pumps. The use of the E-box will drastically increase the settings you can apply to the E-flow pumps. The E-box is suited for use with all E-flow pump types; the E-box will come with the cables needed to connect it to the pump.

Manuals for E-flow pumps:

More info:

24V E-flow 10 -  E-flow R3

Pressure vs volume charts of the E-flow 24V

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Pressure volume E-flow 10
Pressure volume E-flow 12
Pressure volume E-flow R3

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