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Deltec Cleaning System

Deltec​ Cleaning Systems

Here you will find all cleaning systems for the Deltec skimmers: Both manual and automatic types.
What are cleaning systems?
For the automated cleaning systems (CS-series), it will scrape the foam cup once every 4 hours and the clearing of the syphon happens automatically.
With the manual cleaning systems (CSM-series) this scraping and cearing of the syphone has to be done manually.

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The Deltec Cleaning Systems help a lot when you want to be able to use the skimmer as effectively as possible. When you prevent algae stains on the walls of the foam cup, your skimmer will work more effectively then when the walls are stained with algae.

Cleaning systems for the Deltec Skimmers come in manual and automated variants. 

Manual for the Cleaning Systems:

Deltec CS(M)-series

CS 1655 - CS 4580

CSM 800 - CSM 2060


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