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Deltec​ Calcium Reactors

Here you will find all Deltec Calcium Reactors with specifications, user manuals and other useful details.
What are calcium reactors?
In marine and reef aquariums, a calcium reactor creates a balance of alkalinity. An acidic solution is produced by injecting carbon dioxide into a chamber with salt water and calcium-rich media. The carbon dioxide lowers the pH by producing a solution high in carbonic acid, and dissolves calcium.

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Deltec PF 601

Deltec PF 601

Deltec PF 509

Deltec PF 509

Deltec PF 601S

Deltec PF 601S

Deltec PF 500

Deltec PF 500

Deltec PF-series

The Deltec PF series calcium reactors work according to the fluidized bed principle. This enables for a optimal balance between fine-grain granulate, water and CO2. 
Optionally the PF Kalkwasser stirrers are equipped with a magnet valve for the adjustment of CO2 supply.

Manuals for Calcium Reactors:


PF 509- PF 1001


Calcium Reactor Media

Deltec Hy Carb Aqua Crown
Deltec Aqua Crown Hy Carb Special
Hy CarbSpecial

Aqua Crown Hy Carb Special is used to enrich the calcium and magnesium concentration in seawater aquariums. It is intended to be used in Deltec Fluidised Bed Calcium Reactors.


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