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D&D R.O. Unit

Reverse Osmosis is a technology that is at the basis of enabling marine aquariums in the first place. Reverse Osmosis water is in essence free from chlorine, nitrates, phosphates and heavy metals. It is an ideal base for making a salt solution, or to top up the evaporated water in your marine tank. Also is it ideally for fresh water tanks.

Below you will find all accessories and products needed to create the perfect reverse osmosis water.

R.O. Units
D&D Reverse Osmosis unit

Reverse osmosis unit

The R.O. unit is essentially the backbone of the entire reverse osmosis system. The D&D RO units are 3-stage filters which will produce 50-150 US gallons of Reverse Osmosis water per day.

The filters suitable for the R.O. units:

10" 5-micron: Removes sediment and particles from the mains water to protect the R.O. Unit membrane from clogging and extend its life. This clear filter allows for a visual check of the pollution of the filter. Replace at an interval of 6 months max.

10" 10-micron: This carbon filter removes chlorine from the water. No matter how high or low chlorine levels in ones' country, we advice to change this filter once every 6 months.

R.O. Membrane: This is the main filter, which filters out almost all additional elements from the tap water, leaving near-pure H2O.

Included with the R.O. Units are the following parts:
  • Flow restriction with integral membrane flushing valve

  • Self-piercing tap connector

  • 2 m of 1/4" R.O. tubing in white, blue and orange

  • Saddle valve for the waste pipe return

  • Full instructions

R.O. Unit dimensions: 390 x 130 x 350 mm

Tip: To ensure the GPD for which the R.O. Unit is designed, we advice to use a D&D Booster Pump. This will increase the water pressure to 8 bars, and thus overcome any variations in GDP output.

Available D&D R.O. Units
Reverse Osmosis units
  • D&D R.O. Unit 50GPD - RO50

  • D&D R.O. Unit 75GPD - RO75

  • D&D R.O. Unit 150GPD - RO150

D&D Reverse Osmosis Unit

D&D supplies 3 different types of replacement membranes for the standardized R.O. units. These membranes fit all R.O. units that take a standardized size membrane. Please note the flow restriction per replacement membrane.

D&D RO Replacement membrane
Replacement Membrane

Replacement filter membrane

Available D&D R.O. replacement membranes
For Reverse Osmosis units
  • D&D R.O. Membrane 50GPD - RUW013

  • D&D R.O. Membrane 75GPD - RUW014

  • D&D R.O. Membrane 150GPD - RUW015

D&D RO Replacement membrane
Flow Restriction Valve
D&D flow restriction valve

Replacement/upgrade Flow restriction valve for R.O. Unit

Replacement or upgrade Flow restrictor. Please note: Match the flow restrictor to the flow rate of the membrane.

Available D&D R.O. Flow restrictor valves
For Reverse Osmosis units
  • D&D R.O. Flow Restrictor valve 50GPD - RUW016A

  • D&D R.O. Flow Restrictor valve 75GPD - RUW016B

  • D&D R.O. Flow Restrictor valve 150GPD - RUW016C

D&D flow restriction valve
Replacement Filter
D&D R.O. Sediment Replacement cartridge

Replacement filter cartridges for R.O. Unit

10" Filter cartridge replacement. Fits 50, 75 and 150 GDP D&D R.O Unit. We recommend to replace the filter cartridges once every 6 months.

Available D&D R.O. replacement cartridges
For D&D Reverse Osmosis units
  • D&D R.O. Sediment cartridge - RUW008

  • D&D R.O. Carbon cartridge - RUW009

D&D R.O. Carbon Replacement cartridge
Booster Pump
D&D Booster Pump

R.O. Booster Pump

The D&D Booster Pump is suitable for any R.O. unit on the market. The Booster Pump will significantly increase the volume of Reverse Osmosis water produced by your R.O. unit, with a better quality as well.

  • Flow rate (open flow): 1.2 ltrs/min

  • Pressure: 125 PSI (9 BAR)

  • Voltage: 24V

Please note: The Booster pump is suited for R.O. Units with a flow rate of  up to 100 GDP. Above 100 GDP, the pressure will drop, and the booster pump will most likely decrease the efficiency of your R.O. unit.

Available D&D R.O. Booster Pump
Booster Pump for Reverse Osmosis units
  • D&D R.O. Booster Pump RUW000

TDS Meter
D&D TDS Meter

D&D TDS Meter and Thermometer

A TDS Meter measures the amount of Total Dissolved Solids in a solution. The TDS Meter works because dissolved ionized solids increase the conductivity of the water. The higher the conductivity, the higher the TDS.

The TDSlevel indicates the purity of the water: The lower the TDS, the purer the water is. R.O. water has a TDS of between 0-10 ppm, whereas tapwater variates between 20-300 ppm.

  • Supplied pre-calibrated

  • measurements from 0-9999 TDS: 0-1000 with increments of 1ppm, 1000-9999 with increments of 10 ppm

  • Long life battery with auto-shut-off feature

  • Automatic temperature compensation

  • Highly accurate

  • Supplied with a tailor-made case

Available D&D TDS Meters
For Q.C. of i.e. R.O water
  • D&D Pen type digital TDS meter - DDTDS3

  • D&D in-line dual TDS meter - DDTDSDM

D&D TDS Meter
1/4" hose
D&D 1/4" R.O. Hose

D&D R.O. 1/4" hose

10M roll of 1/4" R.O. hose.

Available Colors
For R.O. Unit
  • Blue - RUA003

  • White - RUA003

  • Orange - RUA003

D&D 1/4" R.O. Hose
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