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Aqua Illumination is a prime brand in the aquarium industry. AI is known for its LED lights, for the quality and performance. D&D has developed a set of stylish mounting systems for all the AI lights. You will find all variants here, which you can apply to mount your Hydra's, Hydra HD's and of course the Prime.

AI has co-developed its lighting systems with D&D, which is why D&D has designed AI-specific mounts and brackets.


D&D Slimline designer bracket

This is the most recent Slimline designer bracket developed by D&D, especially for the AI Hydra TwentySix (HD) and Hydra FiftyTwo (HD). The Designer Bracket is made to be as slim and least attention-demanding as possible. The Slimline accentuates the Hydra's design like no other bracket out there. 


  • Simple to install

  • Elegant design

  • Adjustable in height

  • Twin mounting point for secure fitting

  • Aluminum body

  • Suitable for:

    • Hydra​

    • Vega

    • Hydra 26/52

    • Hydra 26/52 HD

Please be ware: Every tank size has it's own Slimline bracket size. Below you will find the different sizes available (50cm, 60cm, 75cm)

Available Slimline designer brackets

For Hydra, Hydra 26/52, Hydra 26/52 HD & VEGA
  • 50 cm Silver - HTM50Silver

  • 50 cm black - HTM50Black

  • 60 cm Silver - HTM60Silver

  • 60 cm black - HTM60Black

  • 75 cm Silver - HTM75Silver

  • 75 cm black - HTM75Black

The measurements stated are for the total depth of the aquarium (Front to back).


D&D Prime FlexArm

A Silicone-coated flex arm makes for an attractive and strudy solution for mounting your AI Prime HD. The Flexarm is suitable for Rimmed and Rimles aquariums, and comes with cable management clips.

  • Simple to install

  • Elegant design

  • 360 degree adjustability

  • Single mounting point for easy installation

  • Silicon coated body

  • Suitable for:

    • AI Prime HD

Available FlexArm systems

For AI Prime HD​
  • 12" Black - AIFLEX12

  • 18" Black - AIFLEX18


D&D Prime Tank Mount

The Prime Tank Mount is a very elegant mounting system for the AI Prime and AI Prime HD. The Tank mount is suitable for both rimmed and rimless tanks. The Tank mount offers amazing adjustability for the Prime, since you can adjust its rotation, height and depth.​

  • Simple to install

  • Elegant design

  • Max glass thickness: 31 mm

  • 360 degree adjustability

  • Single mounting point for easy installation

  • Silicon coated body

  • Suitable for:

    • AI Prime HD

    • AI Prime

  • Dimensions:

    • Vertical arm: ​286 mm

    • Horizontal arm: 241 mm

Available FlexArm systems

For AI Prime HD​
  • PBRACKET Silver

  • PBRACKET Black


D&D Rail systems

To suspend your AI lights to a rail will turn your separate LED lights into a complete lighting system with unprecedented performance. A rail set will unify the individual LED lights to make it a complete system. D&D has developed a few rail variations to fit the Hydra52, Hydra26, SOL, Vega, and the normal Hydra. The rails are mountable on any size or shape of aquarium.

D&D took the comcept of the original AI SOL mounting rail system, and created an improved version, named the MKII. The MKII takes aesthetics as well as functionality more serious: It creates an amazing new version with an aluminium "section-design", built in cable management, and stainless steel end caps on the ends of the rails.


  • Anodized aluminum rail system

  • Rail system dividable into "sections"

  • Fully modular concept

  • Integrated cable management

  • LED unit position adjustable over the full rail-length

  • Strong and light weight

  • Compatible with SOL, Hydra and Vega models

Required accessories to suspend rail system to ceiling:
  • 1x MKII SOL Rail Kit

  • 1x Suspension Wire Kit (SOL WIRE 03)

Required accessories to mount rail system to aquarium glass:
  • 1x MKII SOL Rail Kit

  • 1x SOL Foot Kit

Note that we would always recommend that the rails are suspended from the ceiling rather than tank mounted as the lights offer a greater spread if they are positioned 8-12 inches from the water surface. This is not possible with the feet which support the lights about 4 inches from the surface.

Single light Installation

If a single light is to be suspended then it is not necessary to use any rail kit: D&D has instead developed a specific hanging kit which mounts directly onto the SOL/Hydra light (part: SOL WIRE 02). Multiple lights can also be suspended in this way with multiple wire sets.

Available Rail Systems
For Hydra, Hydra 52, SOL & VEGA
  • 36" SOL RAIL 36-H

  • 48" SOL RAIL 48-H

  • 60" SOL RAIL 60-H

  • 72" SOL RAIL 72-H

  • RAIL FEET 6"

For Hydra 26 Only
  • 36" H26 RAIL 36-H

  • 48" H26 RAIL 48-H

  • 60" H26 RAIL 60-H

  • 72" H26 RAIL 72-H

  • RAIL FEET 6"

Single Hanging rail for Hydra, Hydra 52, SOL & VEGA
  • 36" SOL RAIL 36-S

  • 48" SOL RAIL 48-S

  • 60" SOL RAIL 60-S

  • 72" SOL RAIL 70-S

Light Rail available in Black /White
  • 6" light rail EXT-6

  • 12" light rail EXT-12

  • 18" light rail EXT-18

Aqua Illumination EXT Rail System
Installation video for rail kit with feet
Pictures of rail system

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