D&D FMR75 reactor

D&D has developed a perfect cost-quality ratio fluidised reactor to make best use of many materials that improve the environment of your livestock in your fresh or salt water aquarium.

This FMR75 reactor is suitable for:

  • ROWAphos or other phosphate removers

  • Nutrifix Bio Pellets (up to 700ml)

  • Carbon

  • Biological sand as a fluidised sand filter


  • Can hang on a 15" sump, and will stand within smaller sumps (not limiting the effectiveness of the reactor)

  • Max glass thickness to hang on: 25mm

  • Distance between upper and lower perforated plate: 340 mm

  • Reaction tube outer diameter: 80 mm

  • Dimensions: 128 x 94 x 440 mm (includes fittings and lid)

The FMR75 is packed with all accessories and parts you need to get going.


Included parts are:

  • FMR Reactor

  • 3 x a length of clear plastic tubing

  • Non-return valve

  • Flow adjustment tap

  • 2 x grades of media sponges

  • 8 x cable tie to secure piperwork

  • 1500 l/hr pump (included only with the FMR 75 KIT!)

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