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D&D CO2 Controllers

Directly to: Solinoid Valve | CO2 Regulator 

CO2 for aquariums

CO2 is is used in aquariums for the benefits of the livestock. For Marine aquariums this is the lowering of pH levels, and to dissolve calcium carbonate into a solution for use by corals; for fresh water aquariums it is used to provide the fuel for photosynthesis within aquatic plants. Very useful indeed.

How to setup a CO2 system
D&D Solenoid Valve
D&D Solenoid valve

D&D Solenoid Valve for CO2 control

This is a 230V Solenoid valve set for the D&D CO2 Set. This valve is particularly suitable for control of the CO2 flow rate, and is suitable for use with marine or fresh water aquariums.

The Solenoid Valve is used to switch the CO2 flow 'on' and 'off' as nescessary. The unit plugs into a simple plug timer to carry out this timed action.

Part number: RUW005

D&D CO2 Regulator
D&D CO2 Regulator

D&D Regulator Set for Refillable CO2 Bottle

This CO2 regulator is designed to be used with a refillable CO2 bottle.

  • Main regulation valve

  • Needlewheel for fine adjustment of the valve

  • High pressure gauge

  • Low pressure gauge


Part number: RUW301

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