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D&D Aquascrapers

D&D Aquascrapers

Till the day of today it holds true that keeping the aquarium windows clean is still a mans' job. Your fish won't help you (at least not in the way that suits you). This means that there is still a need for products such as aquascrapers, and sometimes even some proper instruction on how to clean your window. We have included and provided you with both. Let's Aquascrape!

How to (professionally) clean your aquarium window
Available D&D Aquascrapers
  • 6" aquascraper - AS6

  • 12" aquascraper - AS6

  • 24" aquascraper - AS6

  • Pack 2x RVS - ASSS

  • Pack 2x Plastic - ASCS

  • Pince aquarium large - TON001

D&D Aquarscrapers
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