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Aquascape Epoxy

D&D Aquascape Epoxy

Times exist in which corals do not naturally stand strong on the rock (or sand) you intend for them to be positioned. Therefore there exists "Aquascape Construction Epoxy". This epoxy is very useful, not solely for sticking your corals to a certain position, but also to avoid corals to slide onto each other, or tumble. Both can be deadly events for the very fragile corals.

This Epoxy of D&D hardens under water, and is suitable for use in the water. Please do get familiar with the working of epoxy before applying it within your aquarium!

The epoxy knows many, many applications: Bonding rocks for aquascaping, positioning corals within the aquarium, fragging corals, making clam bases, reparing pipework, and for repair work around the house.

How to use Aquascape Epoxy
Available D&D Aquascape Epoxy
  • Aquascape Purple - ASMP002

  • Aquascape Grey - ASMP003

Aquascape putty
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