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Jecod RW series

Coral Box WF-04

The coral box WF-04 is a true one of a kind: A Wi-Fi controllable dosing unit which can only be controlled trough the Coral Box iPhone and Android app. Besides the digital controllability of the WF-04, it also senses when the dosing bottle is almost empty (through careful calculation). Coral Box claims to have created the smallest dosing pump unit in the market wit the WF-04. Below a list of product features.


  • Accuracy of 0.01 ml

  • Wi-Fi controllable

  • Easy programming through the smartphone app

  • Sends a message to your phone when the dosing fluid is almost empty, or when there is an error

  • Ideal for dosing the DSR or balling minerals.

Digital materials

User Manual (Downloadable PDF)

How to setup and caibrate your Coral Box WF-04 (video)
What's in the box and a quick installation (video)
Coral Box WF-04 performance test (video)
All features in great detail
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