Coral box Quiet Pump Plus (NEW 2018 models)

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Coral box has created a truly innovative aquarium flow pump. The Quiet Pump deserves its name as no other: The pump is as quiet as a regular bedroom, this means 30 db at max. The Quiet Pump is developed in collaboration with German engineers, which proves the "Deutsche Gründlichkeit" once again.

The QP-series come with an LCD screen to enable a real-time monitoring of the pump. This way you will always know what is going on in, and nothing has to be left to chance anymore.

Since the Quiet Pumps are very compact, they are easy to hide inside the aquarium, and will not demand a lot of visual attention. Also do these pumps come with a wide range of amazing features like 6 mode operation, wifi control and a very durable electric motor. See below for a full and compact list of features.


  • 6 mode operation

  • Wi-Fi control

  • LED control display

  • Advanced pulse mode available with 2 QP's

  • Advanced controlling is possible: 1% flow rate increments

  • Master/slave setup will allow control of up to 8 pumps

Pump-specific specifications
Coral Box QP-5
Coral Box QP-9
Coral Box QP-16
Coral Box QP video

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