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Coral Box FAQ and Troubleshooting

Coral Box FAQ and troubleshooting

Having issues or questions about your Coral Box product, and you can not find the answer anywhere else? Maybe we can help through our Coral Box help page.


Please make sure to have read the manual of your Coral Box product: There are a lot of solutions to be found in there.

Coral Box WF-04 Dosing Pump 

[WF-04 manual]


Coral Box WF-04 troubleshooting

Coral Box WF-04 Dosing Pump

Issue: Dosing pump loses calibration over time

Possible cause 1: Pump pulls a vacuum within the fluid container bottle

Solution 1: Make sure the fluid container can replace the extracted fluids with air (No bottle with just 1 hole to fit the tube!). This will avoid the bottle from pulling a vacuum and thus messing up the calibration. We always advice the use of a liquid box when using dosing pumps for the best dosing quality.

Possible cause 2: Dosing fluid is not mixed well enough, or is troubled by sediment

Solution 2: With the use of calcium dosing fluid, it is known that the calcium will react with the CO2 that is in the air above the fluid. This is not a big issue when the dosing fluid is kept in motion by a magnetic stirrer, but it can become an issue when the sediment sinks to the bottom and gets stuck in the pump hoses. 


Issue: The dosing pumps are inaccurate

Possible cause 1: Calibration is not done (correctly)

Solution 1: Please read the manual carefully, and follow the steps that describe the (crucial) calibration process. The calibration has to be done for all 4 channels, and it should be done with a lot of care. 

Tip: We want to advice you to execute the calibration with the fluid you want to use the different channels for. So for example: If you want to dose calcium with channel 1, then calibrate channel 1 with the calcium mix you are going to use.


Issue: Air bubbles in the dosing tubes

Possible cause 1: The tube diameter is too big for the frequency of use

Solution 1: Changing the tubes for smaller 4/2 OD/ID tubes can solve this issue in cases where the dosing frequency is every other day.

Possible cause 2: The dosing pumps are used without check valves

Solution 2: The use of check valves will dramatically reduce the amount of air seeping into the dosing tubes. Yet we strongly advice to use aftermarket check valves when the standard coral box valves fail to work. You can keep on using the standard issue valves if there is no air seeping through them.

Possible cause 3: Checkvalves are faulty

Solution 3: First check if the check valves are clean and do not contain any dirt particles. If the valves are clean and still fail, we would strongly advice to use aftermarket check valves when the standard valves do not work properly.

Does none of these solutions solve the issue for you? Please get in touch with us, maybe we can come to another solution together.

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