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Aquanest asaqua LED aqarium Lights


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Good lighting systems for a nano aquarium can be challenging to find, we believe that the Asaqua No.5 is a perfect lighting system for nano-sized aquariums: with a small LED power output, you do not have to fear burning your corals due to a too powerful lighting system, nor do you need to worry about whether the power output is too low. The No. 5 is designed and created especially for Nano sized aquariums.

ASAqua Aquanest 94 watts LED aqurium light

The No.5 is a compact light that can deliver the right amount of light for your entire nano tank. It comes with the essential colors and is equipped with CREE LED's which are proven to be highly efficient and durable.

As with all other Asaqua lights, the No.5 is equipped with all essentials you need to start using the light right away.

ASAQUA No.5 light spectrum

Asaqua No.5 light spectrum & par
No.5 LED layout
ASAqua aquanest leds CREE
Asaqua No.5 LED's

The No.5 comes with the following LED configuration:

  • 1x CREE Blue

  • 3x CREE White

  • 1x UV

  • 4x Royal blue

The max total LED power: 30 watts

ASAQUA No.5 digitals


The Asaqua No.5 is controlled manually and does not require any setup: simply mount the light above your tank, plug the power cable and you are ready to go! Want to look through some of the details of the light, or see how to work with it? Please read through the instruction manual found below.

ASAQUA No.5 support bracket

aquanest support system
How to assemble the Aquanest Support bracket

The installation of the No.5 bracket is rather straight forward, but for your own convenience, we have added an exploded view for of the assembly of the No.5 support bracket, below.

No.5 support bracket
(Click to enlarge)
How to assemble the Asaqua No.5 bracket

To summarize the ASAQUA No.5 :

  • High efficiency CREE LED's

  • Manual control of No.5 is possible with touch keys

  • Light spectrum is fixed to relative proportions, intensity adjustable between 0 - 100% (0 - 30 watts)

  • Includes a light support to mount the No.5 to the aquarium

  • Easy to use


Technical specifications:

  • LED wattage: 30 Watts

  • Dimensions: 220 x 110 x 30 mm (L x W x H)

  • Weight: 0.97 kg

  • Light channels: 2

  • Light colors: 4

  • Power input: 110 - 230V

  • Power output: 24V 0 - 2A

Aquanest specificatons
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