The ASAqua MINI is designed specifically for nano aquariums with dimensions ranging from 25 to 40 cm, and is a complete nano-tank lighting solution for all types of aquarium: Fresh water, salt water, and even for aquariums which solely inhabit aquarium plants. ASAqua has designed the MINI to be a slim and compact lighting system, with a very easy and convenient way of operating it.

ASAQUA MINI light spectrum

The ASAqua MINI can be used with all types of aquariums. This means that the MINI is capable of a matching light setup and spectrum per type of aquarium. Below you will find the 3 different types of settings you can apply to your ASAqua MINI.

ASAqua MINI LED channel layout

The ASAqua MINI has 3 LED channels by which the overall color spectrum can be varied with. Please refer to the LED channel layout when setting up the MINI. The LED settings will be made clear per type of aquarium. 

Salt water LED settings & light spectrum


12x Royal Blue WL: 450-460 nm 

6x Blue WL: 465-470 nm

10x White 6000 - 6500K

2x Purple / UV WL: 420-425 nm

2x Deep red WL: 660-670 nm

LED channel setup

Channel A:

100% (not changable)


Channel B:

2x Red 660-670 nm

2x Purple/UV 420-425 nm

Channel C:

12x Royal Blue 450-460 nm

ASAQUA MINI - Salt water settings light spectrum


Fresh water LED settings & light spectrum

2x Green WL: 520-525 nm 

14x Blue WL: 465-470 nm

14x White 6000 - 6500K

2x Red WL: 620-625 nm

LED channel setup

Channel A:

100% (not changable)


Channel B:

2x Red 620-625 nm

2x Green 520-525 nm

Channel C:

12x Blue 465-470 nm

ASAQUA MINI - Fresh water settings light spectrum


Aquatic plants LED settings & light spectrum

22x White 6000 - 6500K

3x Neutral white 4000 - 4500K

3x Warm white 3000-3200K

2x Red WL 620-625 nm

2x Blue WL: 465-470 nm

LED channel setup

Channel A:

100% (not changable)


Channel B:

2x Red 620-625 nm

2x Blue 465-470 nm

Channel C:

2x Neutral White 4000-4500K

2x Warm White 3000-3200K

8x White 6000-6500K

ASAQUA MINI - Aquatic plants settings light spectrum

How to set up the MINI LEDs


How to use the ASAqua MINI? (Also explained in the video above.)

Step 1.: Press the "Switch" button for 2 seconds to turn on the MINI

Step 2.: Short press the "Switch" button to control a single LED channel

Step 3.: Long press the "Up" or "Down" button to increase/decrease the light intensity

ASAqua MINI specifications

  • Compact slim design

  • Energy efficient LEDs

  • 3-channel LED control

  • Touch panel for LED setup

  • Suitable for all types of aquariums

  • Designed for NANO aquariums

  • ABS plastic body, fanless cooling integrated

  • Size HxW: 212x162 mm

  • Input voltage: 100-240V (depending on AC adapter)

  • Light intensity: 480 Lumen

What's in the box?

  • ASAqua MINI LED module

  • Light fixture

  • Power adapter

  • User manual

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