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ASAqua FAQ and Troubleshooting

ASAqua FAQ and troubleshooting

Having issues or questions about your ASAqua product, and you can not find the answer anywhere else? Maybe we can help through our ASAqua help page.


Please make sure to read the manual of your ASAqua product: There are a lot of solutions that can be found in there.

ASAqua manuals

[ASAQUA Aquanest manual]

[ASAQUA Max series manual]

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ASAQUA Aquanest

Q: How do I install the included light support?

A: Since the manual is not clear on the installation of the light support that is included with the aquanest, we have created our own schematics for assembling it. Have a look.

UPDATE: The newest models that are distributed will be equipped with a new bracket, which is easier, better and stronger than the old one. Just in case, we have added a 3D sketch of the bracket so you can see how it should be installed.

Aquanest OLD bracket

How to install the quanest light support

Aquanest NEW bracket

How to install the quanest light support
Q: How do I set up the Aquanest app?

A: The Aquanest has received an update on both the software side as well as on the hardware side. The standard manual might not be as clear as you would like it to be, so we added some videos on how to set up the Aquanest.

How to set sunrise and sunset manually

How to set up the Aquanest in AP mode

How to set up the Aquanest in STA mode

Q: The timer function in the app seems to misfunction.

A: The Aquanest timer comes with some extra information that might not be clear from the use of it directly. Please read through the pdf we have included below. If you still have questions or issues with the timer, please make sure to get in touch with us.

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