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The Aquanest Plus M7 is a great LED unit for medium and bigger sized aquariums. The 200W LED light provides a strong and stable source of light to mimic real sunlight. The sunlight is mimicked  by a dense LED array, of which the light reaches deep into the aquarium. The Aquanest Plus is a new product by Asaqua, with a very high quality-price ratio.


The Aquanest Plus design is modern and unique amongst its competitors. It shows strong qualities which are met by the Dense LED matrix, Wi-Fi compatibilty and multi-unit optionality. The light is controlled with the Aquanest app, allowing you to program all parts of the light.

Aquanest Plus Light Spectrum

The six adjustable color channels allow you to optimize and finetune the Aquanest Plus for your aquarium. This enables you to achieve optimal growth for your corals.

LED Channels and specifications
Aquanest Plus M7 LED matrix.jpg

Dense LED Matrix

The LED matrix of the Aquanest Plus M7 contains all LED colors that you need for your aquarium. They perfectly blend together in one dense matrix.

The LED Matrix is made with a full aluminum body, and comes with silver plated, highly reflective reflectors which ensures a uniform color.

PAR Measurements

The Dense LED matrix ensures a strong and stable light source of 4.400 lumen, which will easily reach the depths of your aquarium. The PAR measurement on the right shows the measurements taken on an area of 90x60cm.

Par measurement.jpg

Cooling system

Cooling system.jpg

The Aquanest Plus cooling system is a sophisticated smart system that will cool with high efficiency: Only cooling the LED's when necessary, which ensures a quiet and reliable operation throughout the day.

Tip! Try the Asaqua Max with the Bananaquarium ULS!

The Bananaquarium Universal Light Support is an absolute universal mounting system for all types and sizes of LED lighting systems. It is a perfect upgrade to the standard included Asaqua Max support system. The ULS comes complete with a mounting system and can be used with all Asaqua Max models without requiring any additional purchases. We advice to use 2x ULS for the Asaqua Max 90 unit because of the size.

KS_Aquarium render.194.jpg
KS_Aquarium render.195.png
Bananaquarium Universal Light Support
KS_Aquarium render.193.jpg

Aquanest Plus digitals


The Aquanest app allows the user to adjust the properties of the light emitted by the Aquanest Plus. The app gives the user limitless control over the composition of the light spectrum and the power of the LED's. Please consult the videos below to help you set up your Aquanest Plus lights.


Please note: The videos below describe the Aquanest, and not the Aquanest Plus edition. The Plus is setup the same way as the regular Aquanest model.

How to set sunrise and sunset manually

How to set up the Aquanest in AP mode

How to set up the Aquanest in STA mode

Get the Aquanest app on

Aquanest plus support bracket

Aquanest support.jpg

Max cable length 180 cm

Min / Max mounted height: 20 / 34 cm

Min / Max mounted depth: 25 / 42 cm


To summarize the Aquanest Plus M7:

  • High power LED light

  • Integrated Wi-Fi  system for control with "Aquanest" app

  • Manual control of Aquanest Plus is possible with touch keys

  • Full light spectrum is adjustable

  • Includes a light support to mount Aquanest Plus to aquarium

  • High quality user experience that comes with the Aquanest


Technical specifications:

  • LED wattage: 200 Watts

  • LED color spectrum: Full spectrum available

  • Max Lumen: 4.400lm

  • Dimensions: 450 x 148 x 40 mm

  • Weight:  1.75 kg

  • Max effectively lit area: 1200 x 600 mm 

What's in the box?

  • 1x Aquanest Plus M7

  • 1x Power adapter

  • 1x Support bracket

  • 2x Suspension cable kit

aquanest plus 010.png
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