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When looking for an amazing lighting system for a smaller sized aquarium, it often happens that the lighting systems do not suffice. The Aquanest puts an end to with its unique combination of product quality, performance and price. With its 96 watts of LED power, produced by CREE leds, the Aquanest will guarantee the highest LED power per m2 available in the market today for small-sized aquarium systems.

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Besides its proven performance, it is also a product which looks extremely desirable because of its design and very smooth finish. Also does the Aquanest not limit the user in the possibilities when examining the adjustability: with its included multi-dimensional light support, it is possible to fine-tune and adjust the orientation of the light in every direction and angle.

ASAQUA AQUANEST light spectrum

AQUANEST Channel 1 - White

Aquanest White LED

AQUANEST Channel 4 - UV / Purple

Aquanest uv-purple LED

AQUANEST Channel 2 - Royal Blue

Aquanest Royal Blue LED

AQUANEST Channel 5 - Green

Aquanest Green LED

AQUANEST Channel 3 - Blue

Aquanest Blue LED

AQUANEST Channel 6 - Red

Aquanest Red LED
LED Channels and specifications
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Asaqua aquans LED specs
Asaqua aquanest LED layout

Aquanest digitals


The Aquanest app allows the user to adjust the properties of the light emitted by the Aquanest. The app gives the user limitless control over the composition of the light spectrum and the power of the LED's. Please consult the videos below to help you set up your Aquanest lights.

Aquanest M8 unboxing and set up

How to set sunrise and sunset manually

How to set up the Aquanest in AP mode

How to set up the Aquanest in STA mode

Get the Aquanest app on

Aquanest support bracket

How to asemble the ASAqua Aquanest light support
(Click to enlarge)
How to assemble the Aquanest Support bracket

Because the included manual does not state the process of assembling the old bracket very clearly, we have created a schematic assembly of the support bracket that comes with the Aquanest. We have designed a new holder for the Aquanest (Credits to Bananaquarium), which is easier to assemble, lighter and it bends less than the old one did.

Please watch the part orientation carefully. If a part is used upside down, the bracket cannot be assembled!

Aquanest M8 Showcase

To summarize the ASAqua Aquanest:

  • High efficiency CREE LED's

  • Integrated Wi-Fi  system for control with "Aquanest"app

  • Manual control of Aquanest is possible with touch keys

  • Full light spectrum is adjustable

  • Includes a light support to mount Aquanest to aquarium

  • Special touch and feel because of the coating applied to the unit

  • High quality user experience that comes with the Aquanest


Technical specifications:

  • LED wattage: 96 Watts

  • Dimensions: 135 x 135 x 48 mm

  • Weight: +- 2kg

  • Light channels: 6

  • Light colors: 8

  • Max lumen: 2.100 lm

  • Max effectively lit area: 600x600 mm 

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