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Aqua Illumination (D&D)

Aqua Illumination entered the market with its first lighting system in 2001: It was a T5 system, which performed great. Now Aqua Illumination was a bit cautious about entering the LED market, since the technology for qualitatively good LED lights had to catch up to the expectations of the market. The moment the tech was available, AI entered the market with their top performing Hydra series.

At this point AI has developed amazing LED lights for different types of reefkeepers: Both nano tanks and super large tanks can make perfect use of respectively the AI Prime and the AI Hydra 32 or 64. 

AI is expanding into different product categories, outside of aquarium lighting. Recently the brand has launched the Nero 5, which is their first aquarium pump.

Set up your AI lighting system using the Aqua Illumination app. Get it through one of the buttons below.


More. That’s what you’ll get with the latest Hydra HD series lights which includes the Hydra® 32HD and Hydra® 64HD. More LEDs, more color, more power, and a more refined design.


AI Prime 16 HD/ Freshwater/ Fuge

The most popular aquarium LED's for any and every tank size: The AI Prime. Available for Reef, Freshwater and Fuge. All prime versions have their distinct character and spectrum to suit your needs.

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