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D&D Coralview accessories

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See your corals in their true corals or capture them on camera with the coral viewing accessories created by D&D!

D&D Photofilter

D&D Coral photofilter

When you photograph your corals in the aquarium, the photos never look so good, you see with the eye as the automatic color of the human brain corrects to remove the high blue shift that we use on lighting. The Coral Color system has an orange lens for correction of 15K lighting and a secondary yellow lens for use in combination with the orange lens for 20K lighting.

D&D Coral sunglass

D&D Regulator Set for Refillable CO2 Bottle

See your corals true colours through D-D’s Coral Viewing Glasses! 

Our orange tinted glasses remove the actinic blue light which dominates saltwater aquariums to help you see your corals and fish in a more natural light. You will be stunned at the extraordinary pop of colour once the blue is taken away. These glasses have UVA protection and eliminate reflected and scattered light.

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