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The perfect fit for any tank

The Hydra Mounting System (HMS™) is designed to provide an easy to use, adjustable tank mount solution for the Hydra TwentySix, Hydra FiftyTwo and Hydra HD LEDs.


Adapts to your tank

Tailor the HMS to your tank. Width, height, and even the angle of the light is able to be fine-tuned.


Slide & Swivel

Slide and swivel your lights to exactly where you want them, then fasten them in place to best illuminate your livestock.


Cable management

The HMS features a slim profile with integrated cord management to minimize visual clutter and complement the clean look of your Hydra fixtures.

Hydra mounts

Our Hydra Mounting Kits



A complete kit for mounting a single light to your tank.

Note: Rimless tanks only. 1.2″ (3cm) max glass thickness.

Slimline Bracket Black Gen 2 View 1 600p

Slim Designer Bracket

A complete kit for mounting a single light to your tank. Adjustable for 45-60 cm tank width.

Available in black and silver

Note: Rimless tanks only. 1.2″ (3cm) max glass thickness.


Hydra Flex Arm

Now available for the Hydra TwentySix HD™ and Hydra FiftyTwo HD™, flex arm mounting is no longer reserved for the AI Prime® alone.  The  Hydra Flex Arm is the simplest and cleanest full size fixture mount to date.

TwinRail Hydra Mounting kit

The D-D rail system is an anaesthetic solution to the installation of multiple Aquaillumination LED lights above an aquarium and is manufactured from an annodised aluminium section with stainless steel end plates, with built in cable management system.

Our available Rail Systems are fit for:

  • Hydra 26, 32, 52, 64 

  • SOL

  • VEGA

Available TwinRail accessories:

  • Endplate Narrow - for hydra 26, 32

  • Endplate Double - for hydra 52, 64

  • AI Wire 03 for TwinRail System

  • AI Wire 05 Y-Hanging wire for single hydra/rail


  • Aesthetic annodised aluminium custom section with stainless steel end plates.

  • Suitable for suspended or tank mounting (optional parts required).

  • Integrates with fully modular concept.

  • Designed with integral cable management system.

  • Infinitely adjustable hanging positions along the whole length of the rail.

  • Fully height adjustable by using AI WIRE 03 kit.

  • Strong and lightweight in a range of lengths.


Variable hanging position


Variable hanging heigh


Cable management

Our Prime Mounting Kits

Prime Tank Mount

Easily mount your AI Prime™ on your rimmed or rimless tank with the Prime Tank Mount. Available in black or silver.


The Prime Hanging Kit is an elegant way to suspend your AI Prime™ above your tank. Available in black or silver.

Prime Hanging Kit


Prime Flex Arm

Our most flexible mount for a rimmed or rimless tank. 


Available in 12 and 18in. lengths. (30 and 45 cm)

Prime mounts
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